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Child disability - SSI

If your child has been denied SSI, don’t go it alone. You need an experienced local attorney.

If your child has special needs then you know how tough it can be to pay for all of the help that they need. Even the best school system with well-intentioned faculty and staff can only do so much. Private therapy, tutoring and just getting back and forth to the numerous doctor’s appointments is expensive. Child Disability -SSI exists in order to help deserving children ( under the age of 18)and their families get the additional financial help that they need.

Proving your disabled child’s entitlement to Supplemental Security Income(SSI) is crucial to their development. The earlier one intervenes and puts strategies and services in place the better the child’s chances are to make the most of their formative years in school.

The Law Office of Andrew A. Barone, LLC is passionate about helping children and their families. The rules and regulations associated with establishing that your child is disabled are complicated. Over the years Andy has helped hundreds of families obtain Supplemental Security Income (SSI)for their disabled children.

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Under Social Security’s rules and regulations, a child is considered an adult as of age 18. At that point your child’s claim is re-reviewed, Social Security applies different sets of rules and regulations to adults. For the most fortunate, those conditions that caused your child to be considered disabled may have been corrected and they may have enjoyed medical improvement; this, of course, is the best outcome.

If, however, the individual continues to struggle with serious physical or mental impairments they may be entitled to SSI as an adult. Once again, proving that the individual is in titled to SSI as an adult is a complicated task-even when Social Security had already determined that the individual had been previously entitled to Child Disability benefits.

In some circumstances, when one can prove that the individual became disabled prior to the age of 22 and one of their parents or guardians is either receiving Social Security retirement or disability benefits (SSDI) or is dead and had worked enough to qualify for Social Security, that individual may be able to receive a benefit based upon the parent’s earnings record. This benefit is known as “SSDI disabled adult child benefits” (DAC)

In all cases, entitlement to a disability benefit from Social Security carries with it some form of healthcare. Depending on the type of disability benefits that you qualify for you will either be entitled to Medicaid or Medicare.